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Halkidiki-Imoti engages in the sale and rental of properties, as well as in investment properties in the Halkidiki region. Our real estate agency in Nea Kallikratia is called Real Estate Petia Sheitanova and is located in Nea Kallikratia, Halkidiki, Greece.

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We offer the best real estate services with reliability, professionalism and ethos. We guarantee you excellent service because our office offers organized and integrated work in cooperation with many agents abroad, worldwide.

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We offer the largest variety of properties for sale (houses, apartments, maisonettes, business properties, development land, and investment properties).We also provide properties for rent , for dreamy holidays. WE CAN MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE!

Property Services & Management

After someone chooses to buy a property from our agency , we provide a full package of services (top legal services, notarial services, issuing of tax identification number, opening a bank account, transfer and registration of ownership, undertaking all of necessary tasks related to connecting the property to the water main and electric grid, services for complete renovation, inssurance services for properties, etc).



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