About Us

HALKIDIKI-IMOTI & REAL ESTATE PETIA SHEITANOVA engages in the sale and rental of properties, as well as in investment properties in the Halkidiki region in Greece.

Our real estate agency is located in Nea Kallikratia, Halkidiki and it’s called REAL ESTATE PETIA SHEITANOVA.

We know that each one of you is special and that’s why we are always willing to offer you fast, efficient and honest service, because you deserve it!

We are not just another real estate agency beacause  we are more than professionals in the real estate sector.

We work hard,every day,  so we can offer you the best possible. We are proud that we have build the reputation of respected professionals, thanks to all of you.

In addition, we especially appreciate that you give us the opportunity to help you, to find the ideal property for you and we appreciate the fact that you entrust us the promotion and management of your property.

We believe that the innovation is key to the success of our business which is based on exceeding of your expectations.

Last but not least, we are very grateful that you choose us and you make us your first choice!

Thank you!

Why Us?

We offer the best real estate services with reliability, knowledge, experience, professionalism and ethos because we have quality standards, constant development and we give special attention to your needs.

We guarantee, excellent service because our office offers organized and integrated work in cooperation with many agents abroad, worldwide.

You can rest assured that whatever your needs are, we have exactly what you are looking for or if we don’t have it, we will do our best to find it.

We help many people every year to find their dream house in Halkidiki, Greece because we offer the largest variety of properties for sale (houses, apartments, maisonettes, business properties, development land, and investment properties).

We also provide many properties for rent , for your dreamy holidays.

We created for you, a user-friendly website that allows you, to search through the hundreds of our real estate listings quickly and easy.

Also, we are with you, from the beginning  till the end and we help you on every stage of the sale or rental process (if you would like it).

You can count on us.


If you decide to buy a property from our agency, we provide a full package of services and aftersale support, with respect and confidentiality to you:

  • Top legal services in the domain of property, legal control, information about the situation by a lawyer who specializes exclusively in the provision of expert services to citizens from other countries in the process of purchasing properties.
  • Notarial services by a notary specialized in the issues of concluding contracts with citizens from other countries.
  • Issuing of tax identification number (TIN) by a licensed accountant, who will be the authorized fiscal representative in Greece.
  • Opening a bank account in a Greek bank and gathering all necessary relevant documents for that scope.
  • Transfer and registration of ownership in the competent cadastre.
  • Undertaking all of necessary tasks related to connecting the property to the water main and electric grid.
  • Services for complete renovation and technical help by personnel specialized for all types of jobs in the interior of the property (plumber, electrician, house painter etc).
  • Inssurance services for properties that are purchased for investment scope and overall care and management of the property.


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